Consultancy & Engineering

Consultancy Services is a global, high-end nuclear and environmental supplier focused on providing advanced consultancy, engineering, technologies and services to optimize our customer’s programs. Our experience and expertise, delivered through international and national experts provides safe solutions for all stakeholders, the environment and future generations.

Studsvik’s Consultancy and Engineering offerings encompasses a wide range of services and products to help customers enhance their operations in order to increase performance, reduce risk, save costs, and improve safety. Our position at the heart of some of the world’s foremost radioactive waste projects means we have industry-leading expertise and knowledge that can be transferred to new projects to ensure leading methods are applied increasing confidence in quality, cost and program delivery, whilst demonstrating to regulators and stakeholders that the most effective methods are used to maintain safety and compliance.

Our offerings span a broad range of capabilities that can individually meet specific needs or, when combined, deliver added value for our customers.  Some of our niche services include world leading expertise that can save customers time and money and enhance their reputation for delivering world class operations.