Studsvik provides front-end design and licensing support for waste repository operations and new build developments. We help operators ensure their programs are optimized to deliver maximum benefits to their stakeholders, meet regulatory requirements and ensure safe operations.

Studsvik’s Planning and Licensing Business Unit is focused on driving value into a program early to maximize the benefits that can be achieved through strategic planning and integration of our international expertise. Using Studsvik’s expertise early on in major programs increases customer confidence of program delivery to budget, quality and program and reduces risk. We use our knowledge of world leading operations, combined with industry best practices and innovative solutions to optimize programs prior to build or operation.  This approach leads to maximum benefits throughout the program, saving costs, ensuring regulatory consent and future proofing the outcomes.

The Facility Planning and Licensing business unit is focused on our waste repository development operations and nuclear new build support where our early involvement can drive cost and time savings and improving stakeholder relations.

Repository Developments

Studsvik provide full lifecycle support for repository developments from front-end planning, including design, licensing, safety assessment and waste planning, through to operational management.  We help operators ensure all disposals of solid radioactive waste are made in a way that protects the health and interests of people and the integrity of the environment, at the time of disposal and in the future. Studsvik can also ensure that waste management plans and programs are integrated across regulators, waste consigners, the supply chain and the disposal repository.

Nuclear New Build

We offer front end support to help developers during the licensing process, including for example the UK’s Generic Design Assessment process. Studsvik has particular expertise with strategic waste planning, inventory estimation and waste routing, as well as reactor chemistry and radiation protection.  Our in-depth knowledge of national waste programs and available waste routes ensures the waste strategy for a new build program is based on the best available information to provide a realistic picture of the proposed options.  We provide this support to both the regulators and vendors.