SMILE kick-off meeting was successfully held on January 13-14! A total of 40 external participants from 8 countries including Sweden attended SMILE virtual kick-off meeting on January 13-14. Pål Efsing, Vattenfall, chaired the Program Review meeting and Robert Tregoning, NRC, US, the Management Board meeting.

SMILE (Studsvik Material Integrity Life Extension) is a 5-year Studsvik/OECD-NEA project supporting Light Water Reactor operators and authorities worldwide in plant ageing management. The objective of SMILE is to provide critical data and mechanistic understanding of materials ageing in support of plant ageing management, life extension programmes and operating licence renewals.

The Studsvik SMILE thanks all participants for their contributions to the kick-off meeting and looks forward working together with the project members the coming years. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!