Our teams are experts in Radiation Protection and the management of radioactive wastes.

Our team of radiation protection professionals have experience in working with ionizing radiation in a wide range of nuclear and non-nuclear environments and are able to provide practical solutions to any issues arising from day to day work with radiation. We can provide radiation protection training tailored to your specific needs ranging from Basic Radiation Awareness to Radiation Protection Supervisor training fulfilling the  requirements for core of competence for RPSs.

Our staff have experience of all aspects of Waste Characterisation including intrusive sampling operations, fingerprint derivation and in-situ measurements. Studsvik can mobilize teams of experienced personnel to sites to assist clients with waste characterization. These include certified Radiation Protection Advisers, Waste Management Consultants, Health Physics Monitors and Radioactive Waste Advisors.

Studsvik’s team of consultants and specialists have a vast wealth of knowledge on reactor operations and requirements for safe operation.  Our experts provide advice and support to a range of reactor operators to optimize their reactor processes and to ensure safety is a fundamental operating parameter. Studsvik’s RPA services include:

  • Prior Radiation Risk Assessments
  • ALARP Assessments
  • Review of systems of work to restrict radiation exposure
  • Advice on designation of controlled and supervised areas
  • Preparation of Local Rules
  • Review of employee doses
  • Critical examination of engineering controls, design features, safety features and warning devices
  • Shielding and dose rate assessments

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