Studsvik offer a variety of radiation protection courses, meeting the requirements of the IAEA and UK legislation, and are delivered by our qualified Radiation Protection Advisers (RPA). In addition, we offer radiation awareness courses which we tailor to customer and site-specific uses of ionising radiation.

Studsvik offer the following courses:

  • RPS (Radiatopm Protection Supervisor)
  • RPO (Radiation Protection Officer)
  • Classified Worker
  • Bespoke Radiation Awareness Courses including:
    • Radon Awareness
    • Transport of radioactive materials awareness
    • Sealed source awareness (e.g. nucleonic gauges, industrial
      radiography, well logging)
    • X-Ray awareness including for handheld XRF analysers
    • Unsealed Sources

We design our courses to be highly interactive, including syndicate exercises and practical, hands-on use of monitoring equipment to consolidate the lessons learned. 

Studsvik have successfully delivered radiation protection and radiation awareness training courses to:

  • UK Regulators
  • Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Companies across the world (RPS & RPO training)
  • Oil & Gas Decommissioning Companies (RPS & NORM Awareness)
  • NORM Cleaning Companies (RPS & NORM Awareness)
  • Mining Companies (RPS & X-Ray Awareness)
  • High Street Banks (Radon Awareness)
  • International Transport Logistics Companies (Class 7 Transport Awareness)




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