Studsvik has extensive experience in decontamination and has access to numerous standard and novel decontamination techniques. The aim is to improve safety within an operating environment by removing contamination and thus dose to personnel while also reducing the amount of waste requiring disposal. This keeps the customer’s staff safe and reduces disposal costs.

Decontamination is defined as removing radioactive contamination from surfaces in facilities or equipment by cleaning up, washing, thermal treatment, chemical or electrochemical methods, mechanical cleaning, or other techniques. The services Studsvik can offer in the decontamination field are:

  • Planning and project management
  • Decontamination including radiation protection, conditioning and documentation
  • Specialized decontamination during outages
  • Method development
  • Radiological survey and measurements
  • Maintenance
  • Decontamination of buildings, laboratories, processing systems, plants, hot cells and components
  • Novel decontamination techniques
  • Waste treatment options assessment and facilitation
  • Manipulator operations
  • Decontamination personnel for on site operations

Decontamination of surfaces

A major source of waste in decommissioning is from the decontamination of concrete building surfaces. When decontaminating facilities it is important to consider the requirements of removing radiological controls and exempt waste release criteria. For this type of work, Studsvik has developed an innovative robotic approach that can perform precise scabbling of concrete surfaces and has an integrated monitoring capability. This ensures that the decontamination is completed in the shortest period of time and that only the amount of material required to clean a surface is removed leading to substantially lower waste volumes, making significant cost savings for customers.

Studsvik's Freeze-Tec 

Using our ground-breaking methods and state-of-the-art technology, Studsvik’s Freeze-Tec provides clients with an optimal solution for decontamination of sludge and sediment that are contaminated with radioactive substances. We can sample, remove and dewater contaminated wet waste sludge’s with increased accuracy, improved environmental credentials and lower costs. Our services can all be tailored to suit your precise needs.

  • We are able to offer a number of sampling techniques which offer accurate sample recovery at precise depths and volumes within a sludge sediment.
  • We are able to remove targeted areas of contaminated materials without turbidity or cross contamination. It offers a safe method for removing radioactive and combustible, unstable materials.
  • We are able to dewater all known types of sludge to achieve superior reductions in water content in a low cost, environmentally friendly process.  

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