Studsvik are experts in characterization, sample management and remediation. We use our expertise to support land remediation projects to ensure the timescales and costly sample analysis is minimized and high quality data is generated. This saves our customers money and gives the regulator and site owners a high degree of reassurance that the final site is suitably remediated.

Studsvik provide support to several major land remediation programs to ensure radioactive contamination is suitably delineated and radioactive wastes are managed safely.  Our expertise allows work with hazardous materials to be carried out safely and ensures the project schedule is optimized by balancing site based characterization with sample analysis and modelling to minimize timely and costly analysis while still ensuring a suitable quality of data.  Our Services include:

  • Environmental Assessments for contaminated materials 
  • Licensing and regulatory compliance 
  • Sampling and analysis for waste fingerprint generation 
  • Design and implementation of waste assay techniques and methodologies 
  • On-site assay and waste packaging 
  • Consignment paperwork for treatment/disposal sites 
  • Transport of waste to appropriate treatment/disposal sites 
  • Site clearance and land contamination surveys 
  • Contaminated land remediation

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