On June 27, 2019, the first Forum on PWR water chemistry and core analysis technology was held in Yantai City. The forum was jointly organized by Yantai Nuclear Power Research and Development Center and Studsvik, Sweden. It consists of two sub-venues: "PWR water chemistry" and "PWR core and fuel cycle analysis software".

Experts from Studsvik’s offices in Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Japan, Germany, and China Taiwan elaborated on the technical methods of PWR water chemistry and core and fuel cycle analysis and had technical discussions with nuclear energy professionals from participating government regulators, domestic nuclear power operators, nuclear power plants, research institutes, design institutes, engineering companies and institutions. Relevant personnel, such as water chemistry, reactor engineering and fuel design, have carried out in-depth discussions on the related technical issues of domestic PWR power plants.

More than 100 leaders and experts from Studsvik, China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute, China Atomic Energy Research Institute, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Harbin Engineering University and Yantai Emerging Industry Development Promotion Center, National Nuclear Power Island Equipment Industry Measurement and Testing Center, China General Nuclear Group, China Nuclear Industry Group, State Power Investment Group and other well-known nuclear power enterprises and member companies attended the meeting.

All functional departments of R&D centers, research institutes of R&D centers and principal leaders of relevant enterprises also participated in the above activities.