Studsvik and Vattenfall Nuclear Fuel invite the international nuclear community to join our online meeting on May 19 about the project LAGER -Laser Ablation of Gadolinium Evolution Radially.

In 2019, Studsvik had the opportunity to transport and perform basic PIE of an intact Gd- fuel rod irradiated with only about 11 months of operation in a Swedish BWR (rod average burnup 9 MWd/kgU). Together with the Swedish utility Vattenfall we have then been discussing on how to seize this opportunity, and determine how we can study this unique material to better understand and quantify the radial distribution of burnable gadolinium isotopes in a fuel rod with low and relevant burnup. Similar data is currently scarcely available and estimated values are instead used in current models. Our joint conclusion is that this topic should be of interest for several organizations and hence invite to a multilateral project for the scope of work. Invitation project LAGER

  • Jesper Kierkegaard, Vattenfall Nuclear Fuel, will share some results from the PIE examinations of the rod and explain his view on the importance of this initiative.
  • Kyle Johnson, Studsvik, will share the proposed scope including describing what high quality data can be achieved with the measuring techniques.
  • Representatives from the SCK/CEN operated REGAL-project will participate to inform about synergies with project REGAL
  • QA-session including opportunity to feedback on the project proposal

Two sessions are offered to accommodate the different time zones, the same information will be presented at both occasions. Please reach out to us for an invitation to the meeting.


Kristoffer Albinsson

Key Account Manager
Phone:+46 155 22 1156