Meet our team

Executive Management

Anna-Maria Alvarez

Senior Specialist Fuel performance and cladding failure mechanisms

Martin Bjurman

Specialist Aging of Structural Materials

Arnaud Cazalet

Specialist International transports

Jiaxin Chen

Senior Specialist Fuel Crud and System Oxides

Daqing Cui

Senior Specialist

Camilla Hoflund

President, CEO and acting Business Area President Fuel- and Materials Technology

Anders Jensen

Senior specialist in Stress corrosion cracking in LWRs

Daniel Jädernäs

Senior specialist Advanced Microscopy

Joakim Karlsson

Senior Technical Sales Manager / Senior Specialist Fuel Performance and PIE

Mikael Karlsson

Business Area President Waste Management Technology

Per Lidar

Senior Advisor Radwaste Management and Decommissioning

Carolina Losin

Senior Technical Sales Manager

Joakim Lundström

Business Area President Fuel and Materials Technology

Ian McKinley

Key Account Manager

Daniele Minghetti

Technical Project Manager

Niklas Snis

General Laboratory manager Studsvik

Patrick Vreede

Specialist Radiation Physics and Clearance

Johan Öijerholm

Specialist Experimental design and electrochemistry