Sponsoring refers to mutually beneficial commercial cooperation between two parties. Studsvik’s aim is to strengthen its brand by exposure to and association with positive activities. By means of sponsoring that targets students we want to make Studsvik interesting as a future employer.

What Studsvik wants

  • A balance of sponsored activities in sports, culture and the community.
  • Sponsoring in line with Studsvik’s values as regards ethics, morality and the environment.
  • Interesting and long-term sponsoring that is part of other long-term marketing.
  • A youth profile in sponsoring agreements.

What Studsvik does not want

  • Sponsoring agreements with limited potential for positive impact on Studsvik’s business.
  • Sponsoring of individuals and/or individual sports teams.
  • Sponsoring anything that can be perceived as risky, environmentally harmful or extravagant.
  • Sponsoring of political or religious activities.