We develop, sell and deliver innovative technical solutions to create superior value by improving performance and reducing risk.

Our offer includes advanced engineering and consultancy, fuel and materials testing, fuel and reactor management software as well as lifecycle management of nuclear and radioactive hazards, decommissioning of nuclear facilities and designing radioactive waste management processes.

Studsvik is organized into four Business Areas, supported by a Group Head Office:

Fuel and Materials Technology - Business Area

Building on our unique facilities at the Studsvik site, Fuel & Materials Technology is a world leader in nuclear hot-cell technology, materials technology and water chemistry. Fuel & Materials Technology work with to optimize fuel and reactor performance and lifetime, aswell as providing failed fuel encapsulation, transport and storage solutions. 

Waste Management Technology - Business Area

Studsvik offers a technology license transfer of our patented waste treatment technologies. This transfer allows the recipient to build, own and operate their own waste management treatment facility using Studsvik’s proven technology.

Studsvik’s proven technology consists of specialized technologies applicable to contaminated waste, from simple dry active waste to complex, difficult to treat, High Level liquid Waste Streams. All Studsvik Waste Management Technologies provide treatment of waste to stabilize and volume reduce in order to meet your local Radioactive Waste acceptance criteria (RAW).

Studsvik Scandpower - Business Area

Studsvik Scandpower provides tools, analysis and technology to optimize the performance of nuclear fuel and reactors, and manage the nuclear fuel cycle. Today, it supports more than 200 commercial nuclear power plants around the world. Studsvik Scandpower has offices in the United States, Germany, Sweden, China and Japan.   

Decommissioning and radiation protection services - Business Area

We are a leading service provider for the nuclear industry, within the areas of radiation protection, engineering, decommissioning, dismantling and decontamination with long term clients in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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