Studsvik is a company with people, customers and offices around the world.

“Studsvik” started life at the Studsvik site, 100 km south of Stockholm, and 20 km from Nykoping on the Baltic coast in the south east of Sweden. But the company has continued to evolve and grow over 70 years into a truly global company, and now has offices in Sweden, Germany, UK, USA, Japan, and China.

As well as having local offices in many countries, where many consultancy and engineering people are based and deliver services to their own geographic region, the Fuel and Materials Technology, and Studsvik Scandpower businesses offers its services on a global basis. The Fuel and Materials Technology has its heart at the Studsvik site, based on its unique hot-cell facilities, and uses this as a basis to support customers across the globe. Studsvik Scandpower has offices in USA, Germany and Sweden.