Bengt Hallberg

Rolle: Specialist Atmospheric dispersion
Abteilung: Specialists

“I get to tackle a lot of new challenges every week, and that’s why my job is still very interesting after 30 years”

Bengt Hallberg was first aiming to become an astronomer but decided to stay closer to Earth and decided on atmospheric science instead. Once he finalized his undergraduate studies at Uppsala University he joined an interdisciplinary research team and built models for meteorological effects on sound propagation. Wanting to get out in the industry, the choice fell on Studsvik where his competence and analytical abilities has supported the nuclear industry for 30 years.

Can you describe what your role in Studsvik includes?

“Despite being a specialist in atmospheric dispersion, I perform radioecological modelling, but I have mainly focused on projects including documentation required by authorities. Our customers are mostly from Sweden, but also Norway, Denmark, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and Japan. This cultural diversity makes the job even more rewarding”

Describe something Studsvik has supported a customer with that you are especially proud of.

“In 2010-2012 Studsvik assisted SVAFO with the preparation and shipping of historical Swedish plutonium, which was sent to Savannah River Site in the US within the frames of President Obama’s global nuclear threat reduction initiative. With maximum demands on security and a very challenging schedule, the team managed to deliver before the originally planned time in 2012 and with very good results. I still keep a copy of the formal letter sent from President Obama to Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in my office to remind me of this important project.”

Tell us a great thing about Studsvik?

“I get to tackle a lot of new challenges every week, and that’s why my job is still very interesting after 30 years. “
What is on your wish list workwise?
“I already have my dream job in my current role as consultant and specialist. My job varies without changing employment and new challenges coming my way all the time! To be in the company of intelligent and positive co-workers is of course a welcome bonus. “


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Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science

Bengt lives in Nyköping with his family and likes to tend his garden as a calming hobby.

Bengt is an avid curler and plays in three different curling series in his spare time.