Studsvik ALARA Engineering offers extensive experience and knowledge within Reactor Water Chemistry, Neutron Transport, Radiation protection and Thermohydraulics. Our consultants have supplied the Scandinavian reactor fleet with ongoing support since the construction of the plants. Our key strength is that we utilize knowledge, experience and data from all our areas of expertise and bring this to every new project for the nuclear industry. Studsvik ALARA Engineering offers education and training services for our areas of expertise, in addition to development, design, licensing and decommissioning partnerships.

The Studsvik ALARA Engineering team offers advanced analysis including consultancy services in several key areas of the nuclear sector:

Full plant radioactive inventory and emissions calculations

  • Complete inventory for Saftey Analysis Report updates for both BWR and PWR.
  • Detailed inventory calculations for decommissioning, typically used in conceptual planning of the dismantling and in estimation of volumes needed in a final repository.

Water chemistry and severe accident chemistry

  • Offerings range from chemistry optimisation of operational reactors to licensing of new reactors. Our services are supported using various calculation codes and an extensive chemistry/radiochemistry database developed over years of successful work supporting the Swedish Nuclear Industry. Our database includes data from several LWRs of different designs and operational modes.

Criticality studies

  • Criticality calculations for Transport casks, Hot Cell laboratory and Dry fuel storage.

Radiation protection

  • Shielding design for new constructions andshielding optimisation in redesign of process systems. Optimisation of transport casks and dry stores with respect to radiation and radiation dose to personnel. We also provide shielding design and optimisation services to the medical industry.
  • Topical reports for SAR updates, licensing of new reactors including radiation protection after severe accidents.

Transient and Accident Analysis

  • We offer plant modelling and validation, methodology development, transient and LOCA analyses, performance studies, and severe accident analyses. Our code experiences are manly in RELAP5 and TRACE for thermohydraulics and MECLOR in the severe accident analyses. Together with our colleges in Studsvik Scandpower, we can offer coupled-code analysis solutions, for example RELAP5-S3K or TRACE-S3K.

Criticality studies

  • Criticality calculations for Transport casks, Hot Cell laboratory and Dry fuel storage.

Education and training

  • We offer a variety of courses covering water chemistry, radiation sources and operational parameters in LWRs. We can also offer bespoke training packages for specific client needs.

Partnerships for conceptual development, design and decommissioning.

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