Thomas Vernersson

Rolle: Specialist Waste Treatment
Abteilung: Specialists,Salesteam

“Innovation for me is a bit of lateral thinking.”

Already at primary school Thomas Vernersson had a great interest in science and technology reading many books on these themes. He left his hometown Söderhamn and moved to Stockholm for university studies within Chemical Engineering. To broaden his perspectives, he spent one year in Australia and six months in Argentina as an exchange student. Upon returning to Sweden Thomas completed his licentiate studies before he joined Studsvik in 2008 as Development Engineer for radwaste treatment methods. His current role is specialist within Waste Treatment.

Can you describe what your role in Studsvik includes?

“My job varys from week to week, which I really enjoy. I participate in project and sales activities for waste treatment projects, e.g. metal treatment facilities and volume reduction of radwaste. I also support colleagues within my area of competence and represent Studsvik at conferences and other events.”

Describe something Studsvik supports our customers with that you are especially proud of.

“To see Studsvik’s involvement in the application of treatment methods to reduce waste volumes and introduce recycling of materials. From a sustainability point of view, I believe it is very important that the nuclear industry takes a proactive role in reducing our footprint. I am proud of what Studsvik can do for our customers in this field and would encourage any organization with such challenges to contact us.”

How would you define innovation?

“Innovation in my present work mostly means introducing or applying existing knowledge, science, technology and processes to fields or problems where it has not been used previously. A bit of lateral thinking I suppose. Not the invention of new technology as much as the novel application of existing ones, and solving various problems related to radioactive waste. “

What is on your wish list workwise?

“I would say what I am currently doing. In my job I rarely get a similar task twice which means I get the opportunity to continuously learn new things and develop my skills. “

Weitere Informationen

M.Sc. Chemical Engineering and licentiate degree chemical engineering

Lives in Norrköping with his daughter. Coaches the local football team for 12-year-old girls.

Always up for a game of table tennis when challenged. Misses the changing seasons when abroad.