Michael Granfors

Rolle: Specialist Chemical analysis
Abteilung: Specialists

“We can propose alternative solutions or even more cost-effective approaches”

Michael Granfors started his career as chemist in his homeland Finland but moved to Sweden almost twenty years ago. He recently re-joined Studsvik as Specialist after three years working at Swerim with materials analysis and certified reference materials.

Can you describe what your role in Studsvik includes?

“ I spend a lot of my time in the lab with our mass spectrometers developing methods for isotopic analysis and supporting my colleagues with trouble shooting. Studsvik recently invested in a Perkin Elmer Nexion 350D and I would claim that we are not the ordinary user of that or any other of our advanced chemical analytical tools. We need full understanding of the instruments since we often combine them in unique ways to answer questions that no standard instrument could manage. This require quite some endurance and luckily I am a rather persistent person.”

Describe something Studsvik has supported the nuclear industry with that you are especially proud of.

“The first thing that comes to my mind is when Studsvik invested in a Laser ablation system for highly active materials. In my previous employment I had worked quite a bit with laser ablation of steels and I understood there would be complications for applying this method in Hot cell environment. Before investing Studsvik spent significant time learning from other installations and brain stormed what parameters were most important for us. We convinced the supplier of the laser system to modify their product to fit our needs and so we became their first customer within in nuclear industry. Now having used the system for more than 10 years in various customer projects I would argue that no other lab has been as successful as Studsvik when it comes to running laser ablation on irradiated reactor fuel. “

Tell us a great thing about Studsvik?

“People in Studsvik are very engaged in their work and take great pride in what they do. This means that we always want to understand why our customers intend to perform a certain study since we want to be an active partner to them. This includes all team members in a project and once we understand the purpose we can propose alternative solutions or even more cost-effective approaches.”

Weitere Informationen

Master degree in Analytical Chemistry from Åbo Akademi

A very practical person known for his magic touch with advanced instruments such as ICP-MS, laser ablation and Gas-MS.

Shares his time between the apartment in Nyköping and his self-built house in Ostrobothnia, Finland.

Enjoys taking his convertible car out for a ride in warm summer days.