Linda Ekstrand

Rolle: Project Manager
Abteilung: Isotopesteam

“Always eager to solve difficult and complex problems with high quality results”

After five years working as project manager for clinical patient trials in the pharma industry, Linda Ekstrand started at Studsvik in 2012 with process development for treatment of radioactive waste. Today she is back in the role as project manager and being part of the core team responsible for the implementation of Studsvik’s new production line for sealed sources her previous experiences really come into hand. “

How can Studsvik apply its nuclear expertise to the isotope markets?

“By combining our knowledge from the production of isotopes in the test reactor R2 with the current broad and solid competence within the company, we are true problem solvers. In the nuclear industry we are known for being flexible and innovative. We work closely to our customers always aiming to understand their challenges and opportunities to bring that important extra value.”

Scandinavia and Sweden are famous for its nuclear industry, what makes you most proud?

“We have taken the responsibility for the full nuclear lifecycle including the final disposal. In Sweden we already have solutions for many of the backend activities, this makes me really proud. Also, the industry in Scandinavia is not hierarchically which has provided conditions for a very good safety culture. “

Can you share one great thing about today’s Studsvik?

“We have a fantastic team of skilled engineers and project managers always eager to solve difficult and complex problems with high quality results. In Studsvik we have a mutual loyalty between the employees and the company leading to high degree of individual responsibility and on-time deliveries.”

What was you first reaction when you heard Studsvik was entering the isotope market?

“I want to be a part of this development! I felt that my background and experience from both pharma and nuclear industry was the perfect match. On a more private level, sealed sources for medical applications is also a product that my friends can relate to and understand the importance of.”

What is your vision on Studsvik’s future footprint on the isotope market?

“I am convinced that Studsvik will be a reliable and coveted partner on the isotope market. In ten years, we have showed the value of our innovative approach to the industry and applied this to improve recycling and sustainability of industrial and medical isotopes.”

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Master degree in Biomedicine from Karolinska Insitutet

Growing up by the Baltic sea, Linda is a dedicated sailor and owner of a beautiful classic yacht. Creative cook and pastry maker when not outdoors with her family.

When abroad misses the accessibility to the Swedish archipelago and beautiful nature