Anders Puranen

Rolle: Senior specialist Fuel Disposal and PIE
Abteilung: Specialists

“You can’t be too narrow minded then you easily miss the best solution for a problem”

Science and technology have always interested Anders Puranen, from an early age devices of all sorts were examined down to the smallest component to understand how things really work. He was born in Tornedalen close to the arctic circle but also lived in Skåne, Stockholm and France. When it was time for university Engineering Chemistry was the given choice, followed by PhD studies in Nuclear Chemistry. He joined Studsvik in 2009 as Project Manager and today he is Senior Specialist in fuel disposal and PIE.

Can you describe what your role in Studsvik includes?

“I would say that my main task is to guide and support my colleagues with ideas, for example: experimental set ups, discussions and interpretation of results from the lab. I typically get involved in projects including new types of experiments or new combinations of techniques since this requires a deep understanding both the materials to be tested and the equipment itself. I also manage some fuel projects, mainly related to back end and final disposal.”

Describe something Studsvik has supported a customer with that you are especially proud of.

“The past few years Studsvik have recruited quite a number of new team members. Some of them have been headhunted from the universities and have joined Studsvik directly after finalizing their PhD studies. I think we have inducted them well and they have quickly become independent in their daily work. This is not an easy task with our complex environment and specialized services. This is something am I proud of especially since our customers have positively commented on our successful recruitments.”

What is innovation to you?

“For me this is when you have the ability to enter a project from a different angle. Also, to allow innovation you can’t be too narrow minded then you easily miss the best solution for a problem.”

What is on your wish list workwise?

“I would like to see an increased collaboration between industry and academia in Sweden. I am convinced that both parties would benefit and lead to improved usage of the available resources. “

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Masters degree in Engineering Chemistry and PhD in Nuclear Chemistry  

A practical person with more ideas than time, latest private project is to build a tree hut with his kids.

Dedicated diver and has spent more time underwater than most of us.