Studsvik AB is a Swedish public company with its registered office in Nyköping and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The company is the parent of a Group that carries on business in nuclear technology in an international arena. Corporate governance is based on the Articles of Association and the Swedish Companies Act, a number of Swedish and foreign laws and ordinances and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code). Studsvik has no deviations from the Code to report.

General Meeting of Shareholders

Nomination committee

Composition of the Board of Directors


Work of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors receives information on the company’s economic and financial situation through monthly reports and at board meetings. Operations in the various business areas are monitored and discussed in accordance with a rolling plan, which means that the Board of Directors makes a detailed analysis of each business area at least once a year. Moreover, the Board of Directors agrees each year on a number of issues that are to be examined at a board meeting during the year. In 2018 the Group’s strategy and further development of operations in Consultancy Services, Germany and Scandpower were discussed.

Ahead of each board meeting the Chairman and President go through the business to be dealt with at the meeting and supporting documentation for the Board’s processing of the business is sent to the members about a week before each board meeting.

In 2018 the Board devoted particular attention to the Group’s financing, strategic alternatives for the operations in Germany, increased customer focus in the software operations and cost savings in consultancy operations and administration.

At one meeting the company’s auditors reported on their findings from the audit of the annual accounts and the company’s administration. The Board of Directors was also given the opportunity of discussions with the auditors without the company management being present. The Chairman ensures that the work of the Board of Directors is evaluated annually and that the Nomination Committee receives the information necessary concerning the results of the evaluation. The evaluation is discussed by the Board of Directors as a basis for planning the Board’s work for the coming year.

Policies, guidelines and instructions

Audit Committee

Board fees


President/CEO and Executive Group Management

Operative management

The Group’s operative business was conducted in 2018 in subsidiaries of Studsvik AB, which are included in the four business areas. Business in the subsidiaries was followed up partly through business area reviews, partly through active board work in the subsidiaries. The business area reviews, which take place quarterly, not only analyze and discuss financial developments, but also market deve-lopments, risks and sustainability issues, among other things. The management groups for the business areas follow the business areas’ day to day activities on a monthly basis. Business plans and budgets are prepared by each business area in consultation with the Executive Group Management. The business is carried on in accor-dance with the rules, guidelines and policies established by the parent company, and local rules established by the respective local board. The heads of business areas have budget responsibility and are to ensure growth in their operations as well as being responsible for utilizing the synergies between the Group’s various units.

Internal control

Statement by the auditor on the corporate governance report