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Publié: 11 avril 2011
Studsvik Nuclear AB’s operations are conducted for the most part in laboratories and facilities in Studsvik, 28 km from Nyköping and 100 km south of Stockholm, Sweden.

The company was formed in 1947 as AB Atomenergi and at that time operated mainly in Stockholm. Building of the Studsvik facility started in 1955.

Today the company has three operative departments: Waste Technology, Materials Technology and Consultancy Services.

Safe and environmentally friendly treatment of low-level waste

Low- and intermediate level waste is treated at facilities in Studsvik to reduce its volume and reduce the cost of final disposal for our customers.

  • Metallic waste is decontaminated mechanically, segmented and then melted. In that way valuable metals can be recovered.
  • Low-level combustible waste from the nuclear power industry, research facilities and hospitals is incinerated to reduce volume.
  • The department also treats non-nuclear waste, such as smoke detectors and level meters, and recharges radioactive radiation sources.

Materials testing for safe reactor operation

On behalf of customers Studsvik's laboratories carry out

  • tests of uranium fuel and cladding to ensure stable and safe reactor operation,
  • measurements of resistance in different operating conditions,
  • crack growth measurements and other corrosion studies, which reduce fuel and material related reactor shutdowns, ensure the life of the material in the reactor and reduce radioactive doses to reactor personnel.

Qualified consulting services

Studsvik Nuclear has many qualified employees with competence in a number of different areas. Services offered include:

  • Support for facility operation: Safety analysis reports, annual reports, facility changes (documentation), dispersion and dose calculations, emergency preparedness issues.
  • Decommissioning: Radiological surveys, decommissioning plans, project management and technical support.
  • Waste issues: Waste plans, type descriptions, waste descriptions, technical support.
  • Safety issues: Reactor technology (fission and fusion), thermohydraulics, core kinetics.
  • Environmental technology: Environmental impact assessment, radio-ecology, ecosystem technology, geoscience. 

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Certification Studsvik Nuclear

Certification Studsvik Nuclear

Certification and policies
Studsvik Nuclear AB has an integrated management system which is certified under the international ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (work environment) standards and the Swedish Work Environment Authority Statute Book AFS 2001:1 with SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden as certification body.

Certification and policies
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