Studsvik UK

Published: 28 March 2011
Studsvik UK operate from four sites throughout the UK including our Head Office in Gateshead, offices in Preston and Aldermaston and our own nuclear licensed site in Workington.

Studsvik UK's nuclear licensed site in Cumbria is the first new nuclear licensed site to be brought into operation in over 20 years in the UK. At the facility we process low level radioactive metal by a range of innovative techniques.  

We are a Radiation Protection Advice body with practical and experienced Radiation Protection Advisors, Supervisors and Health Physics Monitors offering comprehensive training and site services.

Studsvik UK can carry out engineering implementation projects and our engineers have a huge depth of experience in a wide range of industries including nuclear and pharmaceutical. 

Studsvik UK are also part of the Parent Body Organisation that runs the country's Low Level Waste Repository.


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