3 steam generators from Ringhals arriving at Studsvik in april 20093 steam generators arriving at the Studsvik harbor in April 2009

Steam generators

Published: 9 February 2011
Scrapped steam generators present a challenge since, due to their size, the disposal of whole components in a repository is usually very expensive and complicated. Special methods are also required to treat and reduce the volume of the highly radioactive tube bundle.

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Studsvik has developed a unique process for treating steam generators which reduces volumes and saves costs. The generator is shipped from the nuclear power plant and offloaded at Studsvik’s own deep-sea harbor. The generator is then segmented and the radioactive tube bundle decontaminated. The tube bundle is either compacted or melted, depending on the type of alloy and the radioactive content. The steel shell and other low-level radioactive components are melted and can be recycled and sold as conventional scrap.


Compacted tube bundles and ingots with an activity content that does not allow clear-ance are returned to the customer together with residual waste (crushed slag, sorted material, cutting and blasting residues and dust from the ventilation filters) no later than 2 years after delivery to the Studsvik site.


Studsvik can provide transport co-ordination and on-site assistance.


Published by:Eva-Lena Lindgren

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