Studsvik expert speaks to 100M people on benefits of nuclear power

Published: 10 March 2015

Senior Studsvik Nuclear Chemistry Expert, Daqing Cui, gave an interview on Chinese television to an audience of over 100M in March, explaining the benefits of nuclear power, and how it can play a major part in solving Chinas challenges of increasing energy demand and reducing pollution.

Daqing has been working for Studsvik for 19 years as a nuclear chemistry expert in area of spent fuel and radiological assessment, but is a native of Beijing, and is regularly engaged with the Chinese nuclear industry. Studsvik sees China as a potentially exciting new market for development, and it is good to see that we already have a well renowned expert supporting us in this area.

Click on the link to see the interview on PHTV which is the most popular channel in China. (the interview is in Chinese)

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