International Conference on Water Chemistry of Nuclear Reactor Systems

Published: 11 November 2014
NPC2014 stands for International Conference on Water Chemistry of Nuclear Reactor Systems. It is the largest event in the field and held every second year.

This year it was held in Sapporo, Japan with 357 participants from 28 countries, among which 9 were from Sweden. In total 89 oral and 146 poster presentations were made. From Studsvik our senior specialist and adjunct professor Jiaxin Chen and project manager Johan Öijerholm attended the conference and made 2 oral and 6 poster presentations.

During the conference Jiaxin and Johan met with many long-term Studsvik customers and made many new friends from nuclear power plants, national laboratories and universities of many countries.


Jiaxin served as conference session chairman and received the first prize for Best Poster Presentation contest for a paper entitled “On the interaction of injected zinc with oxide films formed on stainless steel under cyclic oxidising and reducing conditions” which is coauthored by Jiaxin Chen, Charlotta Obitz (Studsvik), Fredrik Lindberg (KIMAB), Johan Lejon (OKG), Jimmy Hägg (Ringhals), Margareta Tanse-Larsson (Forsmark) and Arne Johansson (SSM) (see photo above).

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