Studsvik Hosts Successful Commercial Core Design Workshop

Studsvik Hosts Successful Commercial Core Design Workshop

Published: 15 April 2013
As part of the 2013 Annual Student American Nuclear Society meeting recently held in Boston, MA, Studsvik Scandpower hosted a hands-on workshop at our training center located in our Waltham office.

Ms. Erin Wehlage-Davis, Senior Nuclear Engineer and Student Liaison, for Studsvik Scandpower, organized and conducted the workshop. Erin has only been with Studsvik for a short time but already has made her positive impression in promoting Studsvik for events such as this.

The training center in our Waltham office is designed for twelve participants (with twelve computer stations). Due to an overwhelming response of some 50 students wanting to participate, the workshop was expanded to 24 students (two participants per computer). Regretfully, the additional students had to be turned away.


The Commercial Core Design workshop began by providing a background overview of Studsvik followed by specific instructions on the basics of developing a core loading plan for a commercial reactor (the arrangement of various fuel elements within the reactor core for optimal safety and economic efficiency). Next the students were provided a hands-on, excercise using Studsvik’s automated core loading plan commercial software, tasked with developing their own loading plan. The workshop concluded with lunch for all the students with the Studsvik staff discussing Studsvik and the commercial nuclear industry.

In attendance at the workshop were Nuclear Engineering students from University programs from across the United States, as well as students from as far away as the University of Pisa in Italy. The students ranged in education level from undergraduate students, to master degree candidates, to PhD candidates. Several students traveled through the night by air or automobile to come to our seminar. For Studsvik this was truly a remarkable and encouraging response from students in the nuclear engineering industry recognizing the Studsvik brand. All expressed gratitude for the experience and complimented our products and expertise in commercial reactor applications. 

Following the seminar, Studsvik also participated in the Professional Exhibition which was part of the 2013 Student American Nuclear Society meeting in Boston. The exhibition was an opportunity for students to meet with professionals from around the industry. In all there were some 570 students in attendance at the conference as well as 170 industry professionals. 

The Exhibition itself was organized by Ms. LuLu Li. Lulu is a Phd candidate in Nuclear Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lulu spent the past summer as an intern in our Boston office working on our advanced reactor core analysis software programs. Lulu proved to be one of the hardest working, most talented interns we have encountered in our intern program. 

Based on the outstanding positive feedback from the students participating in the workshop, and general overall interest in Studsvik conveyed by students and industry professionals at the conference, Studsvik plans to participate in similar events in the future. Studsvik fully supports Nuclear Engineering education and welcomes the opportunity to promote the Studsvik brand with the next generation of nuclear engineers as they enter the industry.


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