Three days of SCIP II meeting

Three days of SCIP II meeting

Published: 19 November 2012
We have had three intensive SCIP days with many interesting technical presentations and a modeling workshop where the Studsvik results were reviewed. Results from the FEG-SEM and laser ablation, presented during the meeting, indicate that some old hypotheses may need to be reviewed. Small steps were also taken towards the goal of understanding the pellet behavior even though there is more to be resolved in the future.

 Here I would like to quote one of the SCIP members:

  • “These new results help us to partly solve the identified problem. However, the results also raise several new interesting questions. But, good results are supposed to do that.“

This says a lot about the quality of the data presented at the meeting. I would therefore like to thank all of you that made this meeting a large success by making the effort to:

  • Have all the data from the laboratories available on time
  • Review all results and presentations on time

Studsvik presented also a concept for SCIP III, Fuel performance in transients, starting in 2014 (when SCIP II will end). The Studsvik experts positioned Studsvik very well among the other programs in Europe and US that were mentioned. Studsvik´s strength is to perform integral tests out of pile and to analyze the results. As stated by Joakim Karlsson, one of the Studsviks specialists:

  • “No modelers are able to foresee all scenarios in advance. It is the testing that reveals the unexpected behavior. A good example of this is the fragmentation of fuel, first found in the LOCA tests performed in HCL at Studsvik. Today, these results raise open questions that need to be resolved by the authorities, vendors and utilities.”

After two days of meetings, we also had a wonderful dinner at Horsvik with good food, a dance show and ABBA disco music played by Studsvik employees (fantastic musical talents were revealed among the Studsvik employees).

These arrangements were highly appreciated by the customers and I want to take this opportunity to again thank all the Studsvik employees that supported this very successful SCIP meeting.

/Camilla Hoflund
Head of Materials Technology

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