Studsvik International Core Management Software Users Group Meeting

Welcome to Studsvik International Core Management Software Users Group Meeting at 15th - 17th of April, 2013

We are happy to announce the 2013 International Users Group meeting to be hosted by Endesa, S. A. in Madrid, Spain in April of 2013.

The Users Group meeting is an excellent opportunity to meet with colleagues from around the world as well as Studsvik personnel to learn more about using Studsviks products as well as learning from other users how they apply the Studsvik products. Additionally, attendees also benefit from networking with colleagues from around the world, learning more about emerging issues they face and how Studsvik products can help.

Presentation will be made by customers as well as Studsvik staff on topics related to Studsvik Scandpowers CMS, products, applications and services.

There is no registration fee required for customers to attend the Users Group meeting. So please mark your calendars now; April 15-17, 2013.

Latest registration date and hotel booking was March 15, 2013. For late registration please send an email to:

A one day concepts of lattice physics codes
At April 18 we offer a course on the pieces that comprise a lattice physics code. Each topic gets presented conceptually and then details are presented which describe its implementation in CASMO and its evolution from CASMO4 to CASMO5. Price, Euro 500. You register to this class in the registration form.

Have you already registered to the meeting but forgot to register to the class? Please send an email to  and she will add you to the class.

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