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Going to ground - handling radioactive waste

Published: 16 December 2011
Slovenia is making plans to develop a new final disposal facility for radioactive wastes. Studsvik, part of an international consortium, will provide assistance with setting up waste acceptance criteria for the project.

As part of an international consortium, Studsvik will set up the required waste acceptance criteria in Slovenia for the final disposal of radioactive wastes rising from the generation of electricity, industry and health care. The country is currently in the process of determining waste acceptance criteria.

In Slovenia, most radioactive wastes are generated at the Krško nuclear power plant, which is located about 100 kilometres west of the capital, Ljubljana. However, a wide range of radioactive waste is also generated within the industry and medicine as well as at the nuclear research facility in Brinje, just outside the capital. At present this waste is held in storage facilities that are getting full, and there is a relatively urgent need to establish a disposal facility.

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