Japanese colleagues thank Studsvik for important help in evaluation of the Fukushima accident

Published: 26 May 2011
The Fukushima accident is one of the worst accidents at a nuclear power plant. It was caused by the large earth quake and the following tsunami. All countries will learn lessons from this accident and improve safety standards of the nuclear power reactors. In order for the Fukushima staff to be able to evaluate data in the aftermath of the accident they need help from the nuclear scientists within the nuclear community.

Therefore, after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, Daqing Cui at Studsvik sent data from spent fuel leaching experiments conducted for SKB, and a proposal for emergency radioactive water treatment method using “Charcoal bag” to Dr. Ohnuke Toshihiko at Japan Atomic Energy Agency () and also to Studsvik Japan.

Dr. Ohnuki at the JAEA immediately passed the data to the members of the working group for treatment of waste water at Fukushima and wrote two e-mails to thank for the help.  “We all appreciated the important data. These data provide us with the evidence of source terms of radionuclides in the waste water”and “ The data you have given are very important to estimate the components”, Dr. Ohnuki wrote.

Daqing Cui also represented Studsvik when presenting two radioactive dust protection suits to Chinese embassy during the SARS crisis in China, 2003. Chinese hospitals found the protection suits very useful and ordered 200 pieces from Sweden afterwards  (ref: People’s daily, 2003-05-28  7th. ). Daqing Cui expressed that “We are very glad if we can help other people in a crisis”. 

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