First spade turned for Studsvik's new pyrolysis facilityFactory manager Sören Pettersson, Westinghouse (left) and Mats Fridolfsson, Studsvik Nuclear, together turning the first spade.

First spade turned for Studsvik's new pyrolysis facility

Published: 11 April 2011
After several years discussions between Studsvik and Westinghouse in Västerås, an agreement has been signed for Studsvik to build a pyrolysis facility mainly for burning operational waste from Westinghouse.

The agreement is in two parts: One part covers the construction of a pyrolysis facility to be completed for pilot operations in October 2011. The second part consists of a 20-year agreement for incineration of uranium-contaminated operational waste from the Westinghouse fuel factory.

Part 1 has now been initiated with the first spade being turned for the new facility by Mats Fridolfsson, Studsvik Nuclear and Sören Pettersson, Westinghouse.

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